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Explore - Sustainability Expo 23 - The largest sustainability event in the #ASEAN

🇹🇭Sustainability Expo 23 - The largest sustainability event in the #Asean region has just ended but the momentum will keep continue with over hundred thousands of people who joined the talks, events, and exhibition(29 September-8 October) both online and onsite at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand. What's happening there? Let's have a quick look! 👀
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This annual expo is being hosted for a 4th year with an emphasis on "Sufficiency for Sustainability" led by the big 5 companies: Frasers Property, PTT, SCG, Thai Bev, and Thai Union and various partners and stakeholders aiming to create "Good Balance and Better World."
⭐️Check out all Thailand initiatives under 8 zones and the theme of:
Showcasing collaborative works from artists who are closely connected to nature inspired by Sufficiency Economy Principles.
🇸🇪Sweden also joined the event with a Swedish Pavillon introduced by Swecham focusing on 'Re: waste, Rethink, Resources’ with waste management innovation.

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Focusing on a circular economy, sustainable cities, and quality of life.
Promoting equality, including opening job markets to meet individual needs. It also presents behavioral change guidelines for life, particularly social responsibility that requires unity, preservation, and the continuation of cultural heritage to align with climate change and sustainable community development models, including communities, cities, and regions.
Updating health and medical innovation trends in the form of applications and AI for real-life daily use through three dimensions: health, elderly society, and lifelong learning.
Combing various art forms reflecting sustainability, such as NAT GEO, the Thailand Photography Association, and international works from 10 ASEAN countries never previously exhibited anywhere else, from the ASEAN SX Photo Contest project and the Trash to Treasure project that transforms waste into valuable artworks.
Serving Zero-Waste Cooking and various types of Sustainable Food, a comprehensive learning experience for sustainable food waste management.
Gathering environmentally-conscious shops, innovative environmental products, plants, home decor items, and over 200 community shops in one place.
Opening opportunities in both the digital experience and the environment, allowing children to exercise their imagination and skills towards sustainability.
⭐️Highlight of the event: The 2nd Thailand Climate Action Conference 2023 (TCAC)

Photo: Thai Gov.
Photo: Thai Gov.

Prime Minister and Finance Minister Srettha Thavisin, at the Climate Ambition Summits, reiterated Thailand's commitment to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In COP28, he affirmed Thailand's dedication to providing comprehensive support, including technology access, financial aid, and capacity-building. Next year, the government aims to issue another Sustainability Linked Bond, raising approximately US $2 billion to lead in the green financial market. Thailand has also already introduced the "Thailand Green Taxonomy" as a foundational standard-setting tool.

Watch the full conference Click: 👇

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  • walter lungayi

    36 w

    The Sustainability Expo 23 seems to be a promising platform to showcase sustainable solutions and innovations in the ASEAN region. It is an excellent opportunity for businesses, organizations, and individuals to come together and collaborate towards a more sustainable future.

    • Rotich Kim

      36 w

      Best Expo industry indeed

      Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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