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SunRoof secures funding and powers the first McDonald in Poland

📢 Exciting #SET100 news for the #solarpower industry! TheSET100 start-up, SunRoof has secured €13.5 million in funding to develop solar roofs capable of lighting up entire buildings. 🌞 The funding will enable the company to accelerate their innovative solution, providing sustainable and clean energy alternatives. What’s unique about SunRoof? 🌱 SunRoof offers custom-engineered solar roofs with high energy output, which at the same time at the same time protects, insulates and ventilate the house. 🌱 Notably, they recently enabled the first-ever solar-powered McDonald's in Poland, marking a significant milestone in sustainable energy adoption. Read the full article about this new investment here 👉

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  • dudley vazquez

    45 w

    It's true that in today's difficult economic times, you need to save money everywhere, it's tiring, so just sit home and relax and play with me.

    • Peter Karanga

      45 w

      It's great to hear that SunRoof has secured funding and is making strides in the renewable energy sector by powering the first McDonald's restaurant in Poland. This partnership showcases the potential for solar energy to be integrated into commercial buildings and highlights the growing trend of businesses embracing sustainable practices. By utilizing solar power, McDonald's not only reduces its reliance on non-renewable energy sources but also sets an example for other companies to follow. SunRoof's success in securing funding indicates a growing interest in solar energy solutions and reaffirms the importance of investing in renewable technologies for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

      • Komu Daniel

        45 w

        Incredible,you have great potential

        • winnie nguru

          46 w

          Impressive! There is no limit

          • Munene Mugambi

            46 w

            When we count great steps in renewable energy, we should count this twice

            • Ingmar Rentzhog

              46 w

              Nice. Poland has so much potential to use renewables instead of coal.

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