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Our studios in Stockholm and Dubai are closed today, Sunday. Instead, we are featuring a special interview with Sadhguru, Founder and Head of the Isha Foundation, from COP28 on Food, Agriculture, and Water Day.

Sadhguru, whose real name is Jagadish Vasudev, is an Indian yogi, mystic and author. He has gained wide recognition as a spiritual teacher and established the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers yoga programs worldwide and is involved in social outreach, education, and environmental initiatives. Sadhguru is renowned for his practical wisdom, deep spiritual insights, and efforts to address various aspects of human well-being. As a prominent public speaker, he has addressed numerous international forums. His teachings focus on the transformation of the individual as a means to achieve peace and well-being, both personally and globally. He has authored several books, including 'Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy,' which explore his philosophies and methodologies for personal development.

  • Princess

    18 w

    Sadhguru's multifaceted role as a yogi, mystic, and author reflects his profound impact on spiritual teachings.

    • Rotich Kim

      18 w

      This conference has been impactful and solution await this nation immediately after the end of cop28

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