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Hawaii's last coal plant is out replaced by a huge battery

In a groundbreaking move, Hawaii bids farewell to its last coal plant, marking a significant step in the renewable transition and towards its commitment to cease burning fossil fuels for electricity by 2045. Plus Power's Kapolei battery, comprising 158 Tesla Megapacks, has officially started commercial operations.

The closure of Hawaii's last coal plant on September 1, 2022, was a key step and eliminated 180 MW of fossil-fueled baseload power. But it did pose a crucial question: How does one maintain a reliable grid while transitioning from conventional fossil plants to a blend of small and large renewables?
The answer lies partly in Kapolei, an energy storage system strategically located on Oahu's industrial west side. Developed by Houston-based Plus Power, the project commenced commercial operations before Christmas, with 185 MW of instantaneous discharge capacity matching the former coal plant's output. Yet, the Kapolei batteries boast a remarkable 250-millisecond response time, ensuring a swift and efficient contribution to the grid.
Its role goes beyond mere energy provision; it replaces key functions of the coal plant, offering capacity, grid services, and even black-start capability in case of a grid-wide outage. Brandon Keefe, Plus Power Executive Chairman, hails Kapolei as "the most advanced battery energy storage facility on the planet."
Read more about this impressive solution on Canary Media:

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  • George Kariuki

    13 w

    Aloha to a future bright with hope!

    • walter lungayi

      13 w

      Great news for Hawaii and the environment! This is a big step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.


        13 w

        It's a great transition ..💚

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          13 w

          Its a great step, moving away from coal and transiting to clean energy

          • Kevin

            14 w

            What a grand way to welcome a new year.Huge huge milestone and bravo to Hawaii

            • Princess

              14 w

              That's great news for Hawaii and a positive step towards cleaner energy.

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